Fashion, design and sewing are passions that were born with me.
Maybe it was that famous designer cuddly toy in my cradle, maybe it was my grandmother's talent for sewing and knitting... my vocation was there and it's always been there.
After experimenting with drawing and sewing as a child, I trained in styling, pattern-making and dressmaking.
Several years working for various brands, wedding dresses, men's street wear and women's ready-to-wear, finally sealed my desire to offer my own creations.
Luce Wear is the expression of a passion that I've always wanted to share.
My motivation is to make beautiful clothes and to make them well: comfortable, creative pieces, made with care. Designed for a wide range of body types, in small quantities and made to order for a fair and reasoned production process.
The richness of the world around me - architecture, graffiti, nature - is always conducive to the imagination of new, exclusive prints that are the DNA of my universe.
Fabrics from deadstock for the pleasure of unearthing forgotten treasures and, above all, to give them a new lease of life.
Luce Wear is for people who want to feel comfortable in creative and unique clothes.



It doesn't make sense to me to use the ecology banner when you're a fashion designer.
I don't want to make better clothes that you can find everywhere else. I want to offer clothes that are creative, original, timeless and intelligently made - that's my approach.
To create something new, of course, but to free ourselves from the 'trends' that encourage over-consumption.
Imagining clothes as pieces of art that people will never tire of.
Our exclusive designs, created over the seasons, are all registered with the INPI.
With Luce Wear, I want to combine creativity and upcycling to create original, sustainable items of clothing.


Almost all Luce Wear items are made in France.
In order to offer a wide range of sizes without overproduction or exorbitant costs, this is the most appropriate way of doing things.
I wouldn't advocate "made in France" at all costs, because all too often behind the pretty label lies a far less glorious reality.
You don't have to travel thousands of miles to get a glimpse of chaotic working conditions.
Respect for people is paramount and will always come first for me, far more than the red white and blue label.


When it comes to choosing materials, I want to combine sustainability and responsibility.
The French Terry oektex printed for Luce Wear is made from cotton and polyester to ensure that the garments last longer. Our patterned fabrics are printed by a specialist company in Poland. Their fabrics and printing process have been tested to obtain OEKO-TEX certification, which guarantees that the finished products contain no harmful substances.
The other fabrics used in my collections all come from deadstock, for more responsible and exclusive pieces. They come from a warehouse located 8km from the Luce Wear workshop, which specializes in recovering end-of-stock items from haute couture houses.